The Sinnis Apache was the original Suzuki engine based 125cc Supermoto and spawned many copies from other brands trying hard and failing to reach its build quality and longevity. For 2017 we see the new Apache SM version arriving to Sinnis. With Electronic Fuel Injection, new design fairings, electronic speedo, improved chain guard, CBS braking, 3 piston front caliper, oversized bars, stainless steel exhaust system, increased performance tyres, mono shock suspension, digital dash and two brand new colour schemes. The Apache SM utilises the same Suzuki based engine as the older Apache which is proven on the Mongol Rally (10,700 miles in 3 weeks) and by its owners every day and then goes beyond. Welcome to the new 2017 EFI Sinnis Apache SM all yours for an unbelievable £2149 on the road.